Future Finance

Set goals
Mõista, the numbers
Make decisions
See the Future

Know the numbers

  • Where did we spend 123€ for “Office supplies”?
  • What % of our revenue is paid as salaries?

Ensure the costs are correctly assigned

Know your financials and help the company thrive!

Kuidas see toimib?

Step 1

Easy Setup

Setting up our BI tool to connect with your Merit account and extract all the necessary data is a breeze. With our user-friendly interface and intuitive step-by-step process, you’ll have everything up and running in no time.

Step 2

Set goals and keep track

  • Your company’s main metrics, e.g. EBITDA
  • Costs and Revenue (PnL)
  • Unpaid and overdue invoices
  • Monetary info (cash flow)
  • Tax amounts and explanations


Start from an overview, dive into details

Step 3

Make decisions & see the future

Can we hire a new person?

How much money will be on the account on the 20th? Can we pay the taxes?


  • the current amount,
  • how we got there,
  • and what will happen in the upcoming weeks


Future Finance is a set of pre-made reports and visualizations that cover most of the needs.

This should give a good starting point for most companies.


Your desires

Lahendus on ehitatud Microsoft Power BI abil, mis tähendab, et saad kõike muuta.

  • Lisa lehti, liiguta sisu, vaheta graafikuid
  • Lisa ettevõtte logo ja värvilahendused
  • Rakenda statistilist analüüsi (keskmine, min/max)
  • Prognoosi hooajalisi kulusid

Liitu TÄNA!


Proovi 30 päeva tasuta!


Standard package for one-person companies

20€/month per user

includes PowerBI license 10€/mo per user


40€/month per user

includes PowerBI license 10€/mo per user


80€/month per user

includes PowerBI license 10€/mo per user
includes PowerApp license 20€/mo per user




To add users contact dashboard owner.