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Future Finance is a financial planning and analysis (FP&A) tool for Small and Medium enterprises.
The data comes automatically from your accounting software (Merit Aktiva, Smart Accounts etc) and is visualized in PowerBI.

Start with the out-of-the-box reports, customize them and add your visual identity.

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Piret Kübbar: Future Finance helps to deliver near real-time KPI and financial analysis data on the screens of my customers.

Mari-Liis Kikas: Future Finance shows business managers how the company has been doing and where is it going.

Plan your expansion

  • Is there enough capital to hire a new marketing person?
  • Have all the costs been reported under the logical categories?
  • How much are you actually spending on computers, office and other overhead?
  • Have the costs increased in time?

Review project costs

Accounting solutions enable adding custom dimensions, cost accounts and projects to sales and purchases. You can even split a single line across multiple projects.

Future Finance has simple but powerful views for budgeting and reviewing the progress of projects.

Build it once,
Report monthly

Gathering the same data every month from and comparing to budget files is tedious. Worse, if the process is complex and you forget the steps or lose the passwords.

Combine the dataset, define the metrics and be proactive.

You control the future!

Understand your money flow

  • What’s the current state?
    • Main KPIs and metrics
  • How did we get here?
    • Graphs, tables and details
  • What will happen in the upcoming month?

if you have enough money to pay the taxes on the 20th and salaries at the end of the month

Make it your own

As the tools are built with Microsoft Power Platform, you can change anything and everything.

  • Add pages, move content, change graphs
  • Add your company’s logo and colors
  • Run statistical analysis (average, min/max)
  • Forecast seasonal costs

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1st user: 40€ per month
Coworkers: 25€ per user/mo

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1st user: 30€ per month
Coworkers: 15€ per user/mo

PBI license not included
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Our Customers

“The Future Finance Power BI App improved our financial analysis with its intuitive interface, real-time data insights, and customizable reporting, empowering quick and informed decision-making. Its features have made it an asset in our company’s financial operations and present financial insights to stakeholders.”

Liia Koemets
Accountant & Manager Littlemel